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KHR Solutions:

HR Consulting

and Services

Kimberly Hansen, PHR, SHRM-SCP started the firm in 2013 with a focus on serving businesses and their team members toward excellent outcomes. With years of human resources experience on the team, many years consulting and also experience in multiple business verticals, KHR understands the compliance and human challenges of running a business and how the decisions made affect the profitability of any organization. We support all industries and sizes, from 4 to hundreds of employees and from service to manufacturing.

The KHR team guides clients and their businesses to greater heights through human resources planning and project implementation support.

Based in Cape Coral, Florida, KHR Solutions services companies nationwide.

KHR not only provides human resource services, but also specializes in working with employers to understand the complications present based on their business, its size and compliance needs. Navigating the aspects of the regulations can be ever challenging and KHR is here to support and guide.

KHR Solutions, offers

full HR support for businesses of all sizes.

If your business is in growth status or maintenance, KHR Solutions understands how difficult it can be to properly manage your business plans and the team helping you get there. Working with leadership on compliance related to the applicable laws, pay, working hours, and benefits and offering sound, industry accepted support to its clients to understand the options available to them, the risks associated with the path, and then designing and implementing an execution strategy is a key deliverable daily for the team.

Larger organizations may need that additional resource for clarification and support through the more difficult challenges associated with employment issues or request an unbiased third party audit and/or investigation.

KHR Solutions also understands how large HR consulting firms may be priced out of your company’s means and lose that personal touch that a boutique firm with direct interest in your company’s success can offer. KHR looks at each opportunity to work with a client as an individual organization with unique needs. That direct interest in serving the client’s best interest and ownership sets us apart from the large organizations who many times do not have HR as their core focus. KHR knows its strength and handles it professionally with the client’s best interest in mind. This is why KHR Solutions is the right choice for any organization.

“Kim’s talents as a human resources professional are uniquely defined and enjoyable to watch in action. Kimberly Hansen is a results and solutions focused pro who goes above and beyond to deliver everything she promises. And more!” Dale Suslick, former co-worker.

Services Provided by KHR Solutions, LLC

 It is understood that each client has specific needs and that they will fluxuate dependent upon that business’s life cycle and their business’s needs at the time.


Resources Base


  • Company Handbook
  • Job Descriptions
  • State Specific Hiring Materials
  • State Specific Termination Materials

Annual Contract



The ability to have “corporate HR” for help, guidance, and/or a second opinion regarding issues can be very valuable to business owners, leaders and managers within the business whose specialty lies in the business or leadership position and not in human resources.

Clients receive the base offering AND any of the following that are applicable to the business and its needs:

  • HR audit
  • Compensation strategy
  • Continuous handbook updates as needed to be current, relevant and compliant
  • Disciplinary guidance and support
  • Employee on-boarding program design
  • Form updates as required for compliance and business needs
  • Interviewing / hiring process support
  • Performance Management
  • Records retention programs
  • Recruiting / retention strategies
  • Safety guidance and support
  • Training and Development
  • Unemployment assist

Fully Outsourced HR Department

The KHR team becomes your organization’s remote HR department. We work directly with your leadership, support the company mission, and serve the employees like any internal HR professional would do.

In this model, we have the ability to design a set availability for your team on-site if in our localized area and we serve the needs of the business consistently throughout the week. Do you or your employees need to call “HR Support” for help or guidance? If so this offering may be the best solution for your organization.

HR Projects

may be agreed

upon for a flat

hourly rate:

Project examples:

  • Attend a job fair on behalf of a client
  • Review a client’s existing handbook and update according to current needs and laws
  • Coordinate all aspects of Open Enrollment with the assigned broker on the client’s behalf
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting

What is HR?


Ensuring your company knows and can follow the laws applicable to your business regarding employees and their treatment.

Increased Profitability

Increase profitability by allowing employees to reach their greatest potential. Empower employees to offer ideas for workplace improvement, and own their role in business and personal success through coaching and encouragement.


Employees can meet and exceed expectations when they understand the responsibilities within their role. Clear job descriptions with a detailed handbook clarifies behavior expectations and allows for productivity to soar.

Loyal Ambassadors

A great organization has employees telling the world about where they work and how pleased they are to work there. Do your employees sell your business, its products and/or services, and management’s commitment to excellence? They can, and should!


When employees simply go to a “job” each day, the company and its employees will not be nearly as profitable or successful. If fun is not a company objective for its employees, they may not be as dedicated to their role. 

Make your business stand out.

Make your business an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE!